Head of Communications at PagerDuty
San Francisco, CA, US
At PagerDuty, we believe that people do their best in a culture that fosters inclusion, innovation, and success. Our values - Community, Growth, Passion, Team and Trust - serve as the foundation of our collaborative and dynamic culture. Whether it’s conducting a retrospective, participating in our monthly Hackdays, cranking out a new product feature, supporting our two PagerDuty bands, or doing our day to day work, Dutonians live and breathe these five values every day. Together, we solve real customer issues and fulfill our mission of connecting teams to real-time opportunities and elevate work to the outcomes that matter.  
Hiring at PagerDuty is serious business. We are looking for our head and leader of communications to serve as the brand voice and organizational narrator. You'll lead the communications department and run content production to ensure that internal/external messaging remains consistent in brand, quality, tone and aligns with our PagerDuty objectives. In consultation with senior management, you'll also be responsible for the development of communications/plans, issue management, and stakeholder relations strategies.
Do you have the strategic skills, technical background, and a can-do attitude? Would you like to have fun in a high-growth, high-energy environment? This role is for you!

How You Impact Our Vision

    • Develop both internal/external communication strategy and practices to support business initiatives, lead the appropriate delivery of internal/external communications inclusive of executive, company and .org programs
    • Build the executive communication platform for CEO and select members of the Executive Leadership Team
    • Collaborate with executive team and operational plans within Product, Marketing and Product Marketing teams (and vice versa)
    • Keep up with tech and world news (table stakes). Be Curious (For example, he loves history and was able to take a history book he read about the plague and relate this story to today and the how airplanes and computers wouldn't have existed without the plague. He used this idea to frame an exec article on unintended ways that people, society and the world change.)
    • Effective evaluation and collaboration with both company and executive communication agencies as an extension to the corporate teams
    • Provide communication support to senior level officials by drafting narratives, speeches, scripts, documents, etc.
    • Drive internal communication and support employees via various internal events, company information (town halls and newsletter, etc.), employee survey results, change management, and management policies that are supportive of what we value and culture
    • Create and draft narrative/stories regarding research, business results, products, career opportunities, exec platforms, etc., create and drive press, analyst, social/bloggers involvement and education about company initiatives, news, and research by the organization
    • Influence stakeholders and clients on essential messaging, drive corporate platform/communication plans and strategies
    • Build effective messages for various internal and external programs that target relevant audiences
    • Analyze communication effectiveness and revise the appropriately planned communication strategies
    • Enthusiastically provide communication program results and make use of metrics to inform further communication projects
    • Plan and ensure the execution of overall communication strategies
    • Formulate various policies and procedures connecting to public information programs (e.g., .org, company and exec comm)
    • Partner with key teams in the organization (Legal/Finance/etc.) and keep a record of changing communication policies

About You

    • Extraordinary written, verbal communication, time management, storytelling and creation of business narratives skills
    • Ability to make necessary decisions under pressure and previous experience taking a company public
    • Ability to effectively operationalize team processes, lead and collaborate with team
    • Working knowledge in economics, media, communications, and accounting
    • Strong organizational, planning skills and ability to meet tight deadlines while leading multiple projects
    • Ability to work in a transforming and dynamic environment undergoing significant changes
    • A Self-motivated and dedicated individual with excellent interpersonal skills

Minimum Qualifications

    • A bachelors degree in Communications, Journalism, Marketing, Public Relations or a related field
    • 5+ years of management experience in a communications role
    • Expertise in developing and implementing communications, marketing, and social media strategy
    • Excellent writing, editing, proofreading, design and presentation skills
    • Knowledge and understanding of current trends in digital media/social media
    • Previous experience working with complex policy issues, developing and executing advocacy campaigns
    • Hands-on experience identifying, analyzing emerging issues and developing strategic responses