Software Engineer at PagerDuty
Toronto, CA
At PagerDuty, we believe that people do their best in a culture that fosters inclusion, innovation, and success. Our values - Community, Growth, Passion, Team and Trust - serve as the foundation of our collaborative and dynamic culture. Whether it’s conducting a retrospective, participating in our monthly Hackdays, cranking out a new product feature, supporting our two PagerDuty bands, or doing our day to day work, Dutonians live and breathe these five values every day. Together, we solve real customer issues and fulfill our mission of connecting teams to real-time opportunities and elevate work to the outcomes that matter.  
Why We Need You
PagerDuty is the incident resolution service that integrates with ITOps and DevOps monitoring stacks to improve operational reliability and agility. Companies including Twitter, Lyft, Airbnb, and Google, among many others, trust and rely on PagerDuty to help achieve this.
We are looking for full-stack engineers to join our engineering team and help us continue innovating our product offering. We will achieve this mission by using the latest and the greatest tools and languages to deliver premier experiences on all of our platforms (webapp, APIs, mobile apps, and notifications).

How You Contribute to Our Vision: Key Responsibilities

    • We don’t hire based on experience with a handful of tools - experience with our stack is just a bonus. Instead, we want smart, capable people who can learn our tools quickly (and suggest new ones!) as needed. Some of the technologies that have been introduced by our great engineers include: Ruby on Rails, Scala, Elixir, Ember.js, MySQL, Cassandra, Zookeeper, Kafka.
    • You will work with a wide range of systems, processes, and technologies to build features and solve customer problems.
    • You will build and ship new customer-facing features, including completing your first production deploy within the first 3 days!
    • You will collaborate with other teams (such as product, UX, and other engineering teams) to deliver the highest quality experience on all platforms.
    • You will provide code reviews for your fellow team members.
    • You, along with your team members, will own and maintain the production systems that you build over the long term, be on-call for production issues, and steer the future direction of the components.
    • Participating in your team’s on-call rotation, triaging and addressing production issues as they arise

About You: Skills and Attributes

    • Familiarity developing customer-facing and web-based systems.
    • You have knowledge of at least one modern web programming framework: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Phoenix, Flask, Django or similar.
    • Experience with large-scale JavaScript projects or JS frameworks (such as React/Redux, Ember.js, AngularJS, or Backbone).
    • You have worked with REST-based APIs.
    • You are confidently self-motivated.
    • You are empathetic - you take other opinions into account and clearly communicate your thoughts in order to reach technical solutions quickly.