Senior Software Engineer for Backend Query Team at SiSense
Who are we?
Here at Sisense we disrupt the Business Intelligence market. Our product allows business users to analyze BIG data with no help from the IT dept.
How? By building on a set of unique and cutting edge technologies, wrapped up in a killer product.
What Are We Looking For?
We are looking for a multidisciplinary talented C/C++ professional. One who can spot the most intricate low-level details of the software being developed – cache line invalidation, compiler optimizations, cost and benefits of various calling conventions – and in the same time keep a system-wide, holistic understanding of the design, architecture and product trade offs

What You’ll Do?
As a software engineer in Sisense, you will be part of the team developing the core of our Big Data Analytics Columnar Database, ElastiCube.
ElastiCube is an award winning database with an advanced query execution engine.
You will design, develop and improve advanced features/technologies including:
· Multi-threaded, lock free and concurrent data structures and algorithms
· Big Data transformation engine (TB scale).
· Multidimensional queries (advanced analytics).
· Advanced caching algorithms, using self-organizing, dynamic admission and eviction policies.
What should You have?
· Excellent coding skills in C/C++ (typically 5+ years).
· Excellent design skills with extensive knowledge in design patterns.
· Excellent problem solving and analytical skills.
· Broad knowledge of software development
· Passion for technology.
A BIG bonus if you also have:
· Experience with high performance algorithms.
· Experience with concurrent programming & lockless data structures.
· Experience implementing large scale C++ systems.
· Familiarity with parallelization and multithreading technologies, such as Intel TBB, OpenMP.
· Familiarity with any vectorized computation technology such as SIMD instruction sets.
· Deep knowledge of compiler internals and optimizations.