Lead Site Reliability Engineer at Betterment
New York City, NY, US
About the right team member

You have a wealth of experience to draw from, with a background in growing small teams to scale a rapidly growing organization. At work you are energized by making your team effective on a diverse set of tasks. Those tasks range from delivering tools and systems that make engineering more impactful to working with your directs on building out new skills that make them better at what they do. You are intrigued with how to use metrics to effectively drive change. You love to work to find the right metric for the right time that produces the right outcome.

What you can expect to work on in this role

Work with other engineering leads to

Implement lightweight processes that allow us to scale the organization while maintaining quality and speed of delivery
Work with teams across the organization to manage and increase financial and operational efficiency wherever possible
Lead the collaborative creation of tooling that helps us achieve all of the above
Work primarily within our Tech Ops team to

Coach and mentor our engineers so they grow in their craft as it relates to creating and maintaining high quality software
Work to monitor and improve our software delivery pipeline in a way that makes it both expedient and a tool to promote high quality
Partner with our security engineers to maintain and continually improve our security tools and practices
Identify gaps in the organization, relating to skills, tooling, processes, or resources, and devise plans to address them
Answer difficult questions like

What are the steps to identify and deploy the right composition of tools to orchestrate application deployment and management given current constraints?
What practices allow for engineering flexibility while maintaining reasonable AWS costs?
What is the most important thing for the SRE team to tackle given competing priorities of similar size and importance?
How can we incrementally improve local high availability and multi-region deployments while delivering on product and engineering needs?
You'll be effective if you

Lean towards tackling large challenges by picking them apart, observing and experimenting, and gathering metrics that can help drive the team towards their goal
Have ample experience with cloud providers (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud, and DigitalOcean)
Fully believe in the servant leadership concept, with an emphasis on ensuring the team is growing in their skills and executing as a team on common goals
Understand the value of automation and configuration management, with experience working in environments with and without either
Are actively growing your own skills in leadership and management, but have a strong technical background and can be hands-on as needed
Tools in your belt

Everything but the kitchen sink. But if you want a list… Bash, Amazon Web Services, CentOS, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Java, Gradle, Ruby, Python, Node, Nginx, Tomcat, Puma, Passenger, MySQL, Postgresql, Consul, Docker, Cloud Health, Netflix’s Simian Army

At Betterment, you’re going to…

Measure all the things
Secure all the things
Automate all the things