Senior Server Developer - Kiev at My Heritage
Kiev, UA
Are you obsessed with performance and scale challenges? Do you lose hours of sleep thinking about how to reduce ten milliseconds from an SQL query? If you’re looking for challenges with server solutions and running cutting-edge NoSQL big data architecture, then look no further. Our complex environment of over 2.6 billion individual profiles, and over 7 billion historical records, will ensure that you’ll help solve big data challenges (using Hadoop, Cassandra, and other NoSQL solutions) while working in continuous integration and deployment.

You’ll be one of the first senior developers in MyHeritage office in Kiev, as part of our global R&D centers (Israel, US and now Ukraine).

What you bring

B.Sc. in computer science or software engineering
5+ years of experience in server-side development
Extensive knowledge in OOD, architectural and design patterns
Self-directed, ambitious, team player, and a strong communicator
Experience working with complex database schemas

What else

Continuous integration and deployment
Experienced with end to end data and large-scale performance challenges
Good understanding of Agile concepts
Fluent English