Senior Bioinformatician Scientist at My Heritage
Or Yehuda, IL
As our Senior Bioinformaticist, you will play a critical role in MyHeritage’s strategic and game-changing new arena: DNA analysis.

You will help define and build the company’s expertise in the realm of DNA analysis, while contributing to our state-of-the-art DNA analysis products. You will deal with an unprecedented volume of genetic data, as compared to a traditional academic environment, and will use this vast amount of information for internal and business research. You will work with a bright DNA researchers in a vibrant intellectual environment.

What you bring

PhD degree in Genetics/Statistics/Computational Biology/Bioinformatics/Computer Science (or similar) from a prestigious university. Graduation with honors — major plus
At least a first-author publication.
Post-doc training -- a plus.
Proficiency in R or Python for statistical analysis.
Expertise Skills in human genetics -- a plus.
An approach that is highly analytical, data-focused and detail-oriented

This position is also open for Ph.D. students who are within the final year of their studies