Senior DevOps Engineer at Wix
Tel Aviv, IL
We are:

Wix’s software development team, building the next generation of Wix from the ground up. Our purpose to develop the framework that will be used to create Wix’s new environment. We constantly are pushing the envelope to create the next generation of open-source web development.

You are:

A master coder with over 5 years of experience, including 2+ years working with other developers in a Continuous Integration system. There’s Linux/Unix administration in your background, including 1 year hands-on experience. You know Javascript and are passionate, proactive and self-motivated. You’re open to other’s opinions and able to eloquently articulate your own. You also are autodidactic and an technology expert in at least one field.

Big plus if you have strong leadership skills, especially with technical. You have experience with CI systems, build systems, package managers, testing frameworks, compiling, SW artifact packaging, Docker or Webpack. You have experience in frontend and backend development and some mathematical knowledge (at least 1 year of university level math).

As a Software Build System Architect, you’ll:

Be in charge of our internal development tools, working to improve our current system. You’ll add support for new use-cases, increase system reliability, and provide shorter development feedback latency. You’ll be creating easy-to-use environments that will be used by developers all around the world. You will be directly contribute to the overall quality of our brand-new product that will revolutionize the way the web works.

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