Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Life360
San Francisco, CA, US
About Us
Life360 is the world’s largest network for families available for Android and iOS. Using proprietary location-based technology, Life360 processes over 1.8 billion location requests per day and enables over 50 million families to privately share location, communicate with ease and stay connected with alerts and in-app messaging. The app operates in a convenient and secure way reducing friction and offering peace of mind to make family life easier. Founded in 2008, Life360 has raised $76M in venture financing and is headquartered in San Francisco with 75 employees. For more information, visit

About the Job
You will be in charge of the company’s production systems: bringing up new services, taking down old services, capacity planning for growth, and on-call duties.
Engage with feature developers to ensure code is written with performance, scale, and maintainability in mind.
Use automation tools as often as possible, and develop and improve these tools.
Wear 1.8 billion requests per day like it's a comfortable pair of pants, traffic doesn't make you nervous.
Minimum 4 years of relevant experience requiredUnderstand large systems in production.
Strong coding experience in one of Java, Go, PHP, Python, or Ruby.
Strong Unix command-line fluency.
Experience scaling at least one major production environment.
Experience with at least one major config-management tool, and an opinion about its strengths and weaknesses. (We use Chef. Prior experience with related tools is cool, too.)
Experience with at least one monitoring and metrics collection platform. (We use Prometheus and Grafana. Prior experience with Graphite, StatsD, CollectD, Sensu, Nagios, Icinga are great.)
Experience with AWS services including EC2, S3, and ELB and how they work together.
Ability to jump into unfamiliar systems as root and diagnose host behavior without doing harm.
Ability to jump into unfamiliar codebases and figure out what they’re supposed to do.
Ability to follow well-known patterns with consistent naming schemes that anyone can follow.
Communications-first mindset; everyone on #channel knows what you're doing, while/why you're doing it, and when you're done (*especially* during a production incident).
MySQL administration or development experience.
Cassandra administration or development experience.
Continuous Integration experience with tools such as Atlassian Bamboo, Travis CI, Circle CI, TeamCity, Jenkins.
Have caused, and fixed, at least one major production incident, and have the scars to tell about it.
Fridays are Work From Home days at Life360
Competitive pay and benefits
Free snacks, drinks (three ways to brew your favorite cup of coffee), and food in the office
Catered lunches throughout the week
Your own computer built the way you like it
Health, dental and vision insurance plans
401k plan
$200/month Quality of Life perk
A great office with plenty of light in the heart of the SOMA district in beautiful San Francisco (and we are pet friendly - bring the pooch on in!)
Whatever makes you stronger makes us stronger. We buy you the things you need to improve yourself and get your job done