Product Photographer/Videographer (Freelance NYC) at Candid Co.
New York City, NY, US

We’re looking for a highly experienced product photographer to work with us on an ongoing basis here in NYC. Candid Co. provides our customers with clear aligners to help them straighten their teeth for 65% less than braces. We are a direct-to-consumer company and our product assets need to reflect us as such.

Some challenges with photographing our products:

The clear aligners are… well… clear. This makes them hard to photograph from a distance. Which means we need to find opportunities to frame the product in interesting and visible contexts.
Some photos require that we shoot teeth close up. A lot of people are turned off by teeth but we have an opportunity to shoot them tastefully and artistically.
Our packaging is white and has iridescent material on it, which looks beautiful in person but is hard to capture in a photo (but pretty in a video).
The product context isn’t sexy but we need it to evoke a feeling of confidence and beauty. That’s not always easy to do.


Your own camera, lens, lighting setup (we can purchase specialized lighting when necessary).
Ability to shoot, color-correct and manage all other aspects of post-production editing.
Ideally, you have your own studio space with a person to help you manage these shoots.
Highly organized before and after shoot when it comes to location scouting, putting up, managing and taking down sets, planning the day of the shoot, managing an organized asset library of the shoot.
Highly proficient in professional lighting and specialized lighting techniques to yield sophisticated assets.
An online portfolio that clearly shows the scope of all your capabilities.